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Sunday, March 28, 2010

What Kind of Guy I like...............(don't be thrown off by title)

Ok, so no worries this Blog is not about what type of man Jennifer Jane is looking for…there is actually an important point I’m trying to make.
So, when someone asks me “what type of guy do you like”, I respond first with, “I like nice guys”.
Now, hopefully you are thinking this should be a given---an obvious desired trait.
Of course you like nice guys.
You know like those stupid girls on dating shows that say they want a guy with a Sense of Humor. Like duh, who says I really want a guy who never laughs, smiles or jokes around. Some things should just be a given.
Sadly, this is not true of every woman.
Some women seem to be attracted to un-nice men.
Once a co-worker in Social Work stated one of her clients who lived with a man who was mean kept repeating “I love him”. Ok, I understand she loves him…….but this is sad. We need to teach our young women that love is a choice and they need to choose men who are kind, nice and respectful.
This should be planted in the minds of our young women by their fathers, mothers, teachers, religious leaders etc.


  1. I totally agree! Some girls/women are also so wrapped up in physical appearance that they'll stick with a "hot" guy who treats them horribly just because he's nice looking while they'll turn their nose up at a super great guy just because he doesn't fit their physical requirements. Some girls are just stupid like that...but I guess there are guys out there that do the same...

  2. Yes! I always tell young girls "Marry the nice dorky guy. They make the best husbands!" (P.S., don't tell my husband I wrote this.) =)

  3. I totally agree Jen. I have never understood why women will put up with mean guys in the name of "love". I can't tell you how many times in high school I herd the comment... "Your so sweet, I just want to be friends" Then run into the arms of the jerk that's cheating on her, and bragging about it in the guy. I don't think I will ever understand the needy personality the drive a women to over look the meanness. Or the insecurity of women. Were is woman's self worth or value? More to the point were is the bravery and courage?

  4. Yes, we need to instill this concept in young women, but maybe more importantly, in the young men!! My mother once asked me what my goal was in raising my two sons; I responded that my intention was to raise two amazing husbands for my future daughters-in-law. :)