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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Career Woes

For 6 years I went to college for 2 reasons.
1. To prepare to do what God was calling me to do.
2. So I wouldn't have to do something I did not like to do.

I heard a line in a movie recently that said "The definition of success is to have a career that you love going to every day." Of course there is some truth and some untruth in this statement. Success can be defined in many different ways. However, there is some truth in this statement and of which makes me feel very unsuccessful.

You see, up to this point in my life (8 years after college graduation) I have been unable to find a job in my degree. Not only that but I have thought outside the box and applied for many other things that I might love doing. Only to receive rejection letter after rejection letter.

What makes this worse is that I HATE my current career. I have been in it for about 7 years and have held 3 different positions. Now, each job I really did give it the old college try and went in with a good attitude, worked hard, held a good outlook etc. But, this just is not the career for me.

It's not that I just don't enjoy it. It is sucking the life out of me. My Spirit and Personality are drying up. I am never my real self there. I don't like myself there, and I fear others are not liking me either.

Since I have been unsuccessful at changing this part of my life I have tried to fill up the rest of my life with things I do love....to kind of make up for the 40 hrs that I dread each week. Well, it doesn't make up for it, and I would gladly trade it all to be happy again.

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  1. Praying for a change for you, Jennifer . . .