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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weight Watchers is like Church

Weight Watchers is a lot like church, no really don't laugh, it is.

You walk into a building with lovely greeters ushering you in. They hand you a pamphlet with this week's motivational message, a devotional of sorts if you will.

The chairs are lined up much like pews. It is funny to notice the eager beavers at the front of the class and those at the back wishing not to attract any attention to themselves.

The instructor gets up and leads the group in a sort of confession/testimony time. A time to confess your struggles from the past week and/or a testimony time of achieving those long awaited goals.

During this time you are either highly motivated or brought to tears by all the past week's "sins" (that come in the shape of ding dongs, tootsie rolls, etc etc)

Then the instructor gives a 15 min lesson with an applicable point. Then leaves you with a motivational quote-like prayer.

Everyone stands up and greets eachother, exchanges recipes, and walks out the door hoping to transform themselves in the upcoming week.

See, I told you it was like church.

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  1. Now that you have explaining the simile, I agree that Weight Watchers is like church :)