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Saturday, May 15, 2010


So when people find out I grew in Kansas I get really dumb questions. I will answer them now so you can refrain from asking them in the future (please refrain from asking them in the future) (I will no longer be your friend if you ask them in the future :)

1. Kansas...is it really flat out there? Well the answer is yes........compared to some places with hills and mountains it is flat. Guess what your Geography books don't tend to lie. Of course I lived in Eastern Kansas..........supposedly Western Kansas is more flat...I wouldnt' know...never been there.

2. Did you grow up out in the country? No, I grew up in a small town on Main Street.....2 hours from a mall or airport.

3. Is your Dad a farmer? No, despite the thought that is not the only profession in Kansas.

4. You know you're not in Kansas anymore right? WHAT! Get out! You're kidding..........how did that happen? I don't remember leaving......wondered how those mountains grew so fast.

5. You can just click your ruby red slippers and get to Kansas...you don't need an airline ticket right? WRONG.............if this were true I wouldn't be in so much credit card debt.

6. Have you ever been in a Tornado? No, the closest I have ever been to one was right here in Knoxville, Tennesseee..........My hometown has never had one...just the areas around us.

7. Do you ever miss Kansas? Rarely..........but I do miss family.

8. Do you think you will ever move back to Kansas? No way.........

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